A full schedule of workshops will be available closer to the event.

New to Homeschooling

Not sure how to get started?  This workshop will guide you through the Florida homeschool law, curriculum choices, and all the other essentials that will make the start of your home education journey go smoothly.  Presenter – Homeschool veteran Aston Sedlack.

Teaching Writing:  Simple, Easy and Fun!

Writing can be scary…to kids and parents!  Learn  a simple and effective approach to teaching writing.  This workshop will teach parents how to break down the parts of the essay and teach them using different strategies such as color coding.  We will also go over different games to use and ways to keep it fun…while they learn!

YOU Can Homeschool High School!

Credits. GPA’s. Transcripts. Where do I start? Cheryl explains the nuts and bolts of home educating through high school. Attendees learn the high school lingo, how to establish goals and create a four-year plan, how to award credits, and how to organize records. Practical tips for keeping a clear vision while on the high school journey. YOU can homeschool through high school!  Presenter – Cheryl Bastian

What is the Motivating & Inspiring Power of “Living Books?” 

 We hear the phrase “Living Books,” but what does it really mean?   Can they really bring our children and teens something uniquely powerful?  Are they worth seeking?  How can they do the work of drawing and enriching our learners….easily (for both them and us parents)?  Presenter – Michelle Howard Miller of Living Learning Libraries

Fun Filled Character Development

This play based workshop will have you laughing and learning, as you fill your toolbox with techniques on taming tantrums,, as well as teaching life skills.  Through experiences with music, art, storytelling, and hands-on activities, children comprehend the choices they make.

Educating a Houseful

Multiple teaching levels. Energy.  A graduating senior and a budding reader. But that’s not all! Parents of many learners have the ability to cultivate an enriching, tutorial environment where children can benefit from both cooperative and independent learning, hearts can be nurtured, and life can be celebrated.  Cheryl Bastian, parent of eight children toddler to twenty-seven years, offer tips for teaching children at different ages and stages, gifts and learning styles, simultaneously! 

The Power of Personalized Learning

Each child has his own unique style of learning. Learn to identify their learning style and how to use different tools and curriculum to foster the love of learning in each one.  Presenter:  Rose Davilmar of Fidelis Academy

yrotsiH:  Do We Have “History” Backwards?


We often think of History as a litany of petty details, and the dizzying ups and downs of civilizations.  However, History is really is a big-picture view, and a clear, straight line of importance.  Let’s dive into these interesting topics, because History is a colorful and engaging way to lead our students into the deepest and richest of spiritual and worldview values.  In other words, History is so much more than we had in school, and you can leave with a cohesive grasp of history’s flow and highlights, which will inspire and give purpose to your students.  Presenter Michelle Howard Miller of Living Learning Libraries.

Stepping Out of Boxes and Into Freedom            

Educational methodology. Daily schedules. Parenting. Lots of little (or not so little!) boxes, each confining or redefining what God intended for our families. Applying the boundaries and intentions God has for other families can leave our own family bound and tied; struggling for the very life He placed in us. Cheryl, mother of eight, infant to twenty-six, shares how she tried climbing into boxes intended for other families. As a result, her family suffered. Hear how Cheryl recognized what those boxes were and then how she stepped out of them into the uniqueness God fashioned for her family.  

Home Education, What’s Next?  The Challenges and Opportunities That Lie Ahead in Florida

Most of us are aware of our obligations and the benefits we currently have under the Florida Home Education.   But what changes are in store for homeschoolers?  Brenda Dickinson of the Home Education Foundation will discuss challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both new and veteran homeschoolers.