A full schedule of workshops will be available closer to the event.

New to Homeschooling

Not sure how to get started?  This workshop will guide you through the Florida homeschool law, curriculum choices, and all the other essentials that will make the start of your home education journey go smoothly. Presenter:  Aston Sedlak, veteran homeschool parent

Home Education, What’s happening?

Most of us are aware of our obligations and of the incredible benefits we currently have under the Florida Home Education Law. Every year we are represented in Tallahassee by our lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson of the Home Education Foundation, who works to protect that law. Come and hear about the challenges and victories from this year’s legislative session and what lies ahead! We’ll also discuss some brand new opportunities that will be  open to home schoolers in the future.   Presenters:  Sue Puchferran, Lynn Fisher
HEF Board Members 

Speech, Language, and Dyslexia Crash Course and Q&A

This is a “crash course” offering important information, tips, and resources for helping your child at home with speech, language, and literacy development and disorders.  After this “crash course”, there will be time remaining to address questions regarding issues that your child may be having in these areas.  Presenter:  Jaime Thomas

Encouraging the Heart of a Parent…God is Faithful

We spend much time choosing curriculum and preparing lesson plans for the coming school year.  But there are other ways we can prepare as well.  Coach Rick will offer encouragement and prepare our hearts so that this homeschooling year will be one of grace and one that glorifies God.  Presenter:  Coach Rick Andreassen of Saints.

From Gamers to Programmers:  Leading Our Digital Youth to Successful Careers

This workshop helps parents understand how they can embrace technology and use it to lead your children into awesome careers.  You will learn about the many areas of interest our children have and how to use the amazing world of technology that we live in as a tool to help guide your children to successful, happy careers/lives.  Presenter: Brent Stephens, Simply Stem

Play With a Purpose – Fun Filled Character Development

This play based workshop will have you laughing and learning as you fill your toolbox with techniques on taming tantrums as well as teaching life skills.  Through experiences with music, art, storytelling, and hands-on activities, children comprehend the choices they make.   Presenter:  Desiree Stroumbas

What is the Motivating & Inspiring Power of “Living Books?”

We hear the phrase “Living Books”, but what does it really mean?  What are living books?  Can they really bring our children and  teens something uniquely powerful?  Are they worth seeking?  How can they do the work of drawing in and enriching our learners…easily (for both them and us parents)?  Presenter:  Michelle Miller Howard of Living Learning Libraries

Taking Baby Steps to Reverse Negative Attitudes Towards Mathematics

Do you remember when your child was learning to walk?  Was he or she able to watch you demonstrate and then mimic your actions on the first try?  Of course not! They watched you. They tried. And failed. Then tried again. Then failed again.  And tried again. And failed again….you get the idea.

Now, think back to how you reacted to their failure on the first try…or even the hundreth try.  Did you get frustrated? Upset? Perhaps even recount stories about your failures to learn to walk? Probably not.  Instead, I’m sure you were patient, loving, and great. You celebrated their efforts and encouraged perseverance.  And eventually, they took their first steps.  Join me (Math Teacher/Coach) to start your journey towards transforming the way you teach your child mathematics.   Have an open discussion about your frustrations with teaching and learning math. Discover simple ways in which you can reverse those frustrations.  Leave with concrete tools to help implement positive problem solving at home and help your child stand up against any mathematical challenge.  Presenter:  Ashley Mora Scheremeta, More Than Math

The Power of Personalized Learning

Each child has his own unique style of learning.  Learn to identify their learning style and how to use different tools and curriculum to foster the love of learning in each one.  Presenter:  Rose Davilmar, Fidelis Academy

Integrating Crafts Into Curriculum

Children learn best by doing, making, looking, and talking. They will retain information better through creating objects related to topics studied.  As parents, you will learn how to effectively incorporate crafts into lessons.  This workshop will teach you to plan and choose crafts that relate to topics you are teaching, how these crafts will reinforce concepts, and gives examples of presentations where your children will use their creations to demonstrate knowledge of the topic.  Make your homeschool more than textbooks, workbooks, and testing.  Crafts make homeschooling fun!  Presenter:  Karen Whiting

From Stress to Success for Your Visual Learner

Some students learn best when they see and experience information.  This “Stress to Success Workshop for your Visual Learner” will focus on:

  • how to confirm your child is a visual learner; 
  • how to identify and address the attention, auditory and visual processing and related challenges that may be impacting your child;
  • how your visual learner can master spelling, vocabulary, math facts and working memory;
  • how to improve reading comprehension and the love of reading;
  • how to get more done in less time, with less stress with an approach that works for your visual learner. 

Many of these techniques will help all children succeed.  Presenters:  Mark & Mira Halpert


Essential Oils – A Great Addition to Your Homeschool

Want to improve your children’s focus, relieve stress in your home, and improve sleep?  This workshop is an introduction to essential oils, what they are, how they can be used and how they can help us support our family.  Essential oils can be a welcome addition to your homeschool.  Presenter:  Carol Bercaw, homeschool mom and champion of essential oils.